A wedding in the vineyards of Tuscany

In the last weeks I often walk through the vineyards to get some sunny and positive energy, and of course, during these walks my desire to organize a wedding in the vineyards of Tuscany is getting bigger every day. As you can already read in my last articles, for example in: „A cheerful vineyard wedding in Montalcino“, with a wedding in the vineyards you can really enjoy an unforgettable experience and even your guests will be excited. Of course, you have to consider some different aspects during the planning.

The wine estate venue selection for Your wedding in Tuscany vineyards

For a wedding in a wine estate it’s of course very important to find the right venue for you. An English speaking wedding planner can help you a lot in this choice, also because not every winery is adapted for a wedding, especially because they are more focused on the wine production. Fortunately I am living in Tuscany for more than 10 years and so I know and have visited many estates and can propose the right property for you. If you want to get married in a wine estate, you should also pay attention to the following aspects: Accommodation options, capacity of number of guests for the reception, enough spaces and, above all, the availability of a plan B in case of bad weather or wind. Not to forget, if possible, a pool and of course a breathtaking view on the landscape and especially on the vineyards should not be missing.

Symbolic Ceremony in the vineyards

Regarding the ceremony, please consider that it is difficult to organize a religious ceremony inside the vineyards, especially in the Catholic Church, which only provides a wedding ceremony in the church. Italian registry offices are also not yet organized in such a way that they allow civil weddings in the vineyards, because the law requires that you can only get married in a "Casa Comunale” that means town hall. Therefore I recommend organizing a symbolic ceremony in the vineyards. A symbolic ceremony is more personal and can be organized according to your wishes and ideas. As a special moment, you can, for example, bring a wine ritual to the ceremony or involve your guests in it. A quick note about the registry office: to be honest, there are already a few more registry offices in Italy that permit weddings outside a town hall (even if not very common yet), but since it has to be a room or an area of ​​a location that is open to the public and belonging to the municipality, it cannot be a vineyard directly, but in that case only an area overlooking a vineyard.

Wedding Reception in the vineyards

When you organize a wedding in a wine estate, you can also consider the possibility to organize the reception in the vineyards, even if that naturally involves more effort. This means that the catering and other service provider prices may be different than normal due to the transport and set-up, which is more difficult. Surely one of the best solutions is to choose a path or road that goes through the vineyards and where you can prepare a long table with soft lighting. Right in the middle of the vines or rows of vines it is a bit more difficult or narrower and uneven. But a tour together with your wedding planner or me will help you in the best way to choose the right area for your reception. Moreover, more and more wineries have built terraces or lawns with a view on the vineyards in order to provide comfort for the guests without, of course, losing the charm of a wedding in the vineyards. Only for the party, a vineyard is probably less suitable. But I am sure that if you follow my advice given above, you will choose a suitable winery for you that has also a special area or garden available, where you can not only organize the party well, but also perform a lot of funny moments.

Some more great ideas for a wedding in the vineyards

Speaking about a wedding in a wine estate does not only consider the ceremony and wedding reception, but we can contemplate also the design of a few special details. As already indicated above, a wine ritual can be well introduced into the ceremony. But there are also other ways to make the wedding in Tuscany special: you can organize a vintage car tour with a VW bus or a Fiat500 or organize a trekking tour with a picnic in the vineyards the day before your wedding. Even yoga classes with a view on the vineyards are becoming increasingly popular. Especially for adrenalin lovers, you can also organize a hot air balloon flight over the vineyards.

Tuscany really offers quite lot possibilities for this. And last but not least, the most important thing: you shouldn't miss a delicious wine tasting in the winery itself!