A lovely British wedding in Tuscany

Christmas time with its atmosphere full of love and peace is coming and I thought that it’s time to write about the lovely British wedding in Tuscany I helped to organize last June. Laura and Barry decided to organize the civil wedding ceremony in Lucignano, a small charming village in the province of Arezzo and to hold the lovely, but informal British wedding reception in the “Fattoria del Colle”, an enchanting “Agriturismo” in the countryside of Trequanda, between Siena and Arezzo. I still remember the nice and cozy atmosphere which I want to share with you by writing this article and if you are not married yet, maybe you’ll get into the mood to organize your wedding in Tuscany… 

The desire to marry in Tuscany 

To begin with, Laura and her mother Belinda contacted me to help them in the bureaucratic aspects, but then also to assist them in the contacts with the florist and during the wedding day. During my first meeting with them, I asked Laura why she decided to marry in Tuscany and she told me about her desire from the childhood: Since Laura was a little girl, she often came with her family to Tuscany and spent also some time at the “Fattoria del Colle”. For this reason she always said that once she will get married, she would do it in Tuscany, and if possible at “Fattoria del Colle”. So when she got engaged with Barry and started to plan the wedding she told him about her desire to marry in Tuscany. 

The civil wedding ceremony in Lucignano 

Coming to Tuscany to see the location, Laura and Barry chose the charming village of Lucignano, not far away from Trequanda, which is famous for it’s perfect medieval urban planning and for the Golden Tree of Life that has been exposed during the EXPO in Milan and now turned back in the Museum of Lucignano. It was the first time for me to translate the wedding ceremony hold by the mayor Roberta Casini and it was a really exciting experience even for me. 

The room of the town hall where the wedding was celebrated doesn’t need a lot of decoration and flowers. Thanks to its original frescos from the Middle Age the room already adds a historic and gentle atmosphere to the ceremony. In fact, Laura chose to use only some simple seasonal flowers as decoration for the table. After the exchange of the wedding rings the Laura’s sister read a poem and one of the bridesmaids sang a beautiful song for them, it was a very emotional moment for everybody. At the end, after the donation of the gift by the mayor, it was time to make the first photos, of course, from the balcony of the town hall, like Romeo and Juliette. 

The wedding reception in Fattoria del Colle 

After a toast in Lucignano with the family and friends, Laura and Barry turned back to the Fattoria del Colle where the aperitif was waiting for them along the swimming pool. Of course, the atmosphere is not given only by the swimming pool, but also by the stunning view on the Orcia Valley and the “Crete Senesi” from there. While the spouses and their guests were enjoying the view and the appetizers, the Fattoria del Colle’s staff and me were preparing the table setting, the menus and the flowers for the dinner. Unfortunately, it was planned to eat “al fresco” on the terrace, but during the way back from the civil ceremony it was raining a bit and so we had to clean all plates and organize the dinner inside. This is one of the unforeseen things that can happen during a wedding, but only the wedding planner and the staff of the location can be stressed with that, not the newlyweds, of course… so shhttttt! ;)

The dinner menu at the Fattoria del Colle’s restaurant represented the Tuscan tradition and the dishes being especially created to match the wines of Donatella Cinelli Colombini. At the end, Laura and Barry decided to celebrate a private party in the Villa Archi, so they could relax, dance and stay in an intimacy atmosphere with their dear relatives and friends. 

I think that this wedding was perfect and gave Laura and Barry the possibility to enjoy their wedding in privacy with their guests. It respects a lot of the Tuscan traditions and location, and it showed that you can organize a great British wedding in Tuscany even with only a few aspects, by appreciating the original and authentic Tuscan atmosphere. 

Photos by: Diego Poggialini