The symbolic ceremony in Chianti of Shanti & Fabian

Today I want to write about a symbolic ceremony in Chianti, which impressed me a lot: a wedding that touched hearts and souls and was in “cosmic harmony” with every guest involved: the wedding of Shanti and Fabian. For a long time I worked with the couple, especially with the bride Shanti, for the preparations of the wedding. She had exact ideas about the possible style, the colors as well as the harmony that should have characterized their wedding reception and I had to realize it and find the right vendors that could help us bringing it to life. Then a few months before the wedding, I met the couple in person, I already knew them better and listened to every wish and we created a wonderful collaboration. And at the end it was one of the most emotional weddings I’ve ever organized. 

A symbolic ceremony with Buddhist meditation

The aspect that impressed me most has been the harmony and the love that really stand in “cosmic harmony” between the both. Of course, Shanti and Fabian are two persons with different characters, but they combine each other in a perfect way and are a beautiful couple, which you could feel in their symbolic ceremony. 

They organized the symbolic ceremony on their own and found inspiration in the film “Love Story” . The Emotions and Feelings have been accompanied by the Buddhist mediation of Shantis Father. Thanks to this meditation both Shanti and Fabian, as well as all their guests were embraced by an indescribably, warm, loving energy, that you did surely experience in that way. 

This energy and joy of life accompanied all the wedding reception and the party that followed the ceremony and I can only thank Shanti and Fabian from my heart that I could assist them in their intimate dream wedding in Tuscany. Moreover I wish them for their First Anniversary all the best and Joy for their future. 

Above you can see the video made by Emotionalmovies to get a great impression of this symbolic ceremony in Chianti and below you can find some exclusive shots by the photographer Francesco Spighi  who perfectly captured every moment of this harmonious day. 

At last I want to thank also the following persons and suppliers for their great collaboration:

Margherita & Massimo from Borgo Casato

Michela& Margherita & Michele from Agriflor Florist

Daniele & Daniele from Emotionalmovie

Francesco Spighi Photographer

Virgilio Schiavone DJ

Stefano Bresciani Sax

Samuele & Francesco from Wedding Music & Lights

Lorenzo Granchio Nannini Cocktail Service

Preludio for the furniture rental

Peccati di gola Wedding Cake

Con Amore Duo for the Welcome-Dinner Music

Con Amore - Hochzeitsorganisation for the contactw