Discover Maremma in spring

Since some time I have been involved in some events in Maremma or been invited to some new realty of this part in southern Tuscany that is still not very well known and maybe even underestimated. During my visits to Maremma I discovered that this countryside is full of historical, natural and artistic resources, as well as quality food and wine, but it is also full of enthusiasm of the agencies and operators, so I thought to share with you my new knowledge about Maremma. In this way I hope that even you will become more curious to discover the Maremma in spring or at the beginning of summer which gives you the possibility to enjoy the colors and flavors of this wonderful scenery. 

Some Information about the history and the value of the Maremma today 

Maremma doesn’t only stand for the territory of the province of Grosseto, which is the opinion of many people, but its countryside extends from the southern part of the province of Livorno, along the Tyrrhenian coast and the hills of the mining (not active anymore, but it is possible to visit the museum) near Grosseto to the northern zone of the Region Lazio. In such a large zone you can find historic testimonials that go from the prehistory, to the time of Etruscans to the Roman period. If you want to visit some venues of archeological importance you should not miss the treasures of Populonia, an ancient city of the Etruscans and Romans, as well as Vetulonia and Roselle, both of Etruscan origin. 

However, the Maremma has also experienced some pretty tough times, not only tragedies and hardships of farmers who worked in the metal mines, but also the malaria that was prevalent in that area 

of the marsh until the land reclamation in 1830. Today the Maremma plays an important role for Tuscany due to its natural value, considering for example the extension of natural parks and riserves as the “Parco Naturale della Maremma”, as well as its closeness to the Tyrrhenian Sea. But it is also essential for Tuscany thanks to its agricolture and wine and food production. In fact, Francesco Gentili emphasized during a meeting “Join Maremma Online” that Tuscany offers 459 food products, 110 of them are produced in Maremma, including 32 regional specialties, for example the Pecorino Toscano DOP which is produced of 25 % of Tuscan milk coming from sheep farmers from the Maremma. Of course, even the wine production is getting more and more important, as I will speak about in my next paragraph. At the end, Maremma is increasingly attracting tourists and travellers, especially from foreign countries. As you can see from the survey “Mio Viaggio in Maremma” (My trip to Maremma) by Maremmans - as first reasons for a trip to Maremma you can find the nearness to the Sea and the research for nature, but also the desire to discover new explorations and their wine and food products. 

Wine Tourism in Maremma 

As I mentioned before 110 food products out of 459 products made in Tuscany are coming from the countryside Maremma. Two of those are wines of the denomination “DOCG” (Morellino di Scansano DOCG and Montecucco DOCG) and eight are of a DOC-denomination. This means that the wines being produced in this area are of an important value. Considering the growing awareness about the role of the Maremma for the Tuscan and Italian agriculture, but also for the " green" and sustainable tourism, in the last years some wineries have invested and built structures in this area, which are open to travelers and wine lovers coming to this area. 

At first I think it is important to point out three wineries that play an significant role thanks to their combination of advanced technology of wine-making, contemporary architecture and viticulture of high respect to the nature: Rocca di Frassinello, of the group „Domini Castellare di Castellina“, that was designed by the architect „Renzo Piano“, who interpreted the life and work in the vineyards in an harmonious, but also practical way. Le Mortelle has been built recently by the family Antinori. I recommend you to visit this winery, especially for its advanced technology and its oak barrel cellar where you can find also some characteristics of their winery in the Chianti Classico zone. Moreover you have a stunning view to Castiglione della Pescaia from their terrace and meadow which you can enjoy even better with one good glass of their wine. The Tenuta Ammiragliaa wine estate of Frescobaldi, has been created in respect of the eco- sustainability and combines design with respect to the nature. It is well inserted in the hills of Maremma facing towards the sea. Of course, those are three examples of large realty and a certain investment. There are also other realty that you should discover, for example in the zone of the Montecucco DOCG: Tenuta l’Impostino with a charming farmhouse for holidays and a restaurant and Colle Massari , awarded as winery of the year in 2014. 

Other wineries that I like to indicate are Podere 414 , the Fattoria Mantelassi Rocca di Montemassi where you can find also a museum of rural civilization or the winery Azienda Terenzi , but there are numerous smaller wineries to discover. And not to forget, when you are coming to Maremma you should not miss to taste Morellino di Scansano, especially the wines of the Vignaioli del Morellino di Scansano . In the last years this winery has invested a lot in quality and in the enhancement of their wines produced in Maremma. As a woman, I like also to underline that 40% of this cooperative winery consists of women, and I appreciate their work. Also the 

Borgo Magliano Resort is well aware of the potential of wine tourism and the quality of the wines produced in the countryside around Scansano. For this reason, together with the Vignaioli del Morellino di Scansano they chose a special selection of the wine “Roggiano – Morellino di Scansano DOCG” which they offer to their guests and I can confirm that this is a pleasant wine with fruity character, light freshness and harmonious taste – perfect for a sip on the panoramic terrace of the resort during the sunset over the coast of the Maremma… 

Gourmet experiences and weddings in Tuscan style 

Due to the fact that more and more people are discovering the potentiality of the Maremma and that many companies have invested in this area, many locations, high-quality restaurants and estates of high hospitality standard has been constructed in the last years. Of course, at first I like to underline the investment of the Family Moretti, who created in collaboration with Alain Ducasse the estate “Andana” , inside the “Tenuta Badiola”, situated near Castiglione della Pescaia. They were one of the first investors who recognized and wanted to emphasize the important value of the cuisine of Maremma and Tuscany to propose to the guests of the villa. From this year the restaurant will be managed by the chef Enrico Bartolini. Moreover, in Maremma you will find two restaurants with two Michelin stars: the restaurant “Caino” of Valeria Piccini in Montmerano and the restaurant “Braccali” in Ghirlanda. The “Pelicano” in Porto Ercole, “All’Acquacotta” in the "Terme di Saturnia" and “Silene” in Seggiano have been awarded with one Michelin star. Considering the good quality of the wines and the food products, but also the respect and maintenance of the nature, which in most parts is still a bit wild, you will find also estates and country houses in Tuscan style and accurate elegance, for example the “Castello di Vicarello”, the wine resort “Conti di San Bonifacio” or the “Tenuta del Fontino”. Those are very unique and authentic places being perfect for weddings of wonderful elegance. For those that are looking for more rurality and the simplicity of the Maremma, you can organize your private charming event or your holiday stay in some of the wine estates described above, as Tenuta Impostino, or in the Borgo Magliano Resort. Moreover for those looking for a direct contact to the nature you can choose the “Tenuta Agricola dell’Uccellina”, situated inside the park “Parco della Maremma”. You will find some other recommendations about overnight stays on the website of “Discover Tuscany” that they dedicated exclusively to the Maremma. Finally, if you are interested to get married in Maremma, it will be a pleasure to help you in the planning of the wedding. 

Meanwhile I wish you a lot of fun and enjoy the spring and summer period in Maremma! 

Foto da: Le Caldanelle, Tenuta Impostino e Claudia Moritz