Wine Weddings in Montalcino

For some time, Tuscany is one of Italy’s most sought regions as ideal location for weddings. Every year Tuscan cities like Florence, Siena, Lucca and others attract with their charm many Italian and Foreign couples to have their wedding. But Tuscany, with its well-known history and culture, offers even more possibilities and location, and today I want to introduce you to the wine estates in Montalcino. 

Why should you choose Montalcino?Montalcino is famous for its production of high-quality wines, especially for the Brunello and the Rosso di Montalcino. But it is also an interesting place to visit and known for its historical and artistic resources that come from the period of the construction of its fortress in 1361 and from the medieval sediment during the historical conflicts, especially those between Siena and Florence. Montalcino is situated in the park of the valley “Val d’Orcia”, making part of UNESCO world heritage, which is recognized for its unique landscape and its respect for nature. Of course, to get there you have to invest a little time, but for those who love the nature and landscapes being still untouched by the noise and bustle of the city, this place deserves to make the trip. Furthermore by travelling you will be amazed by the typical countryside with its rolling hills, green vineyards and yellow fields of wheat, with its Tuscan aromas and flavors, and of course with its fine wine estates. 

The wine estates of Montalcino as location for a wedding 

Today, the territory of Montalcino is characterized for its gently sloping hills of the Val d'Orcia and for the view of Mount Amiata, as well as, especially for the about 3000 hectares of vineyards that have given wealth and fame to this fortress. Indeed, since the fifteenth century Montalcino is remembered for its red wines, but it is mainly thanks to Ferruccio Biondi Santi, in 1800, who has enhanced the production of Sangiovese and already received several international awards during this period. 

From that time, the production of Sangiovese-grape variety has increased more and more and several estates and villages for wine production were built in this area. Many of these estates have been created and maintained for the cultivation of vineyards, but also for the accommodation of families and guests. For this reason, today we find numerous villas and structures built with the respect to the tradition of wine and nature, which fit perfect to the organization of weddings. 

Below I list three examples of structures that I include in my proposals for wine weddings in Montalcino:

  • Wine Estates and wineries:

These kinds of location are places where the wine is still produced and those are characterized by their simplicity and their country or rustic style. They offer often many interesting spaces where you can organize different entertainment venues: For example I think on the wedding reception, a light aperitif or cocktail in the vineyards, or may-be even a blessing. You can also organize a special tasting as aperitif between the traditional oak barrels in the winery’s cellar. And for lunch or dinner you can choose a nice decorated tasting saloon. Moreover, the most wineries or wine estates can offer a large garden, a terrace or green outdoor space where you can enjoy the special views of the estate or on the landscape around it. Here you can entertain in privacy and your guests can stay in close contact with the wine traditions and with the Tuscan nature. 

Being held, however, with a contained surface, as they produce quality wines and historically do not need a lot of space, the most wine estates can offer capabilities that can go from 20 to 60/80 people, only in some cases even more.

  • Historical villas or residences:

The historical villas or residences (the so-called “Residenze d’Epoca”) are a more refined location and they can offer often even a wider capability for a number of marriages of more than 50 people. They were built in the territory of Montalcino by noble families who wanted to dedicate their time also to the wine and olive oil production. In many villas or residences you can find wine cellars (sometimes even underground cellars) that may also historically derive from a medieval period of construction. Often, these villas are characterized by large gardens, some with a wonderful view of the hills or on the countryside of Val d'Orcia and the vineyards. These can be an ideal location for those who are in search of large open green spaces, with a noble touch and for those who are looking for elegance and refinement in a historical villa. Finally, I think it is important to know that some villas also offer the opportunity of over-night stays.

  • Hamlets or country hotels:

In the territory of Montalcino you can find also hamlets, farms or country hotels which are immersed in the valley or in the woods and where you can still breathe the scent of the history and tradition of the area. Most of these small villages produces or has recently begun to produce wine, thanks to the arrival of major investors from other parts of Italy or the world. Here you can find hospitality with great care and focused on the tradition, which offers both the opportunity to stay and to pamper you with their traditional cuisine and fine wines. So for those looking for an ideal location for a "country-chic” wedding theme, you will find the answer by choosing one of its villages or country hotels in this area. The capability to organize events and weddings in these structures can range from 40 to 100/120, in some cases even more. 

I hope that with this article I could give you a support for the right choice of the most suitable location for your dream wedding. If you are interested in organizing weddings in the territory of Montalcino or you are looking for wine themed weddings, even in other areas of Tuscany, you can contact me here. I will be happy to answer you! 

A presto!